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-|[ chenski's asylum v.2 ]|-

Mizz_Thang1198: i love that one.. do u add zzs to all your words? i'm all hells ya.
chenski: fo shizzy my nizzy fo rizzy
Mizz_Thang1198: say it really fast five times

[ added new pix! ]

drunken tina pix
movies of tina
kobe, dalai, leah
DALTA in pasadena
senior ditch day
missin DALTA new

fun with webcam
campus pix
thxgiving in d.c.
greentea icecream
dower dinner
it's snowing!!
secret santas
xmas in nyc
the brad hack pg

new yrs eve
ronald's a hottie
visiting school updated
acc + doggies new
japanese buffet new
ktv in pjs new
girly sleepover new
keelung temple new
more ktv pix soon
date with libby new

uc berkeley new


dorothy, angeline, hilary.. aww, soph yr at cate~~

. + . + . + . + . + . + . + . + . + . + . + .
dunno why, but i suddenly got all nostalgic.. anyways, so i dug up some old pix and put together a new DALTA section. enjoy~
. + . + . + . + . + . + . + . + . + . + . + .

home sweet home

the barn: it's the place to be.

Mizz_Thang1198: so have u ever played gradius at home when you're really bored??
chenski: no, i left gradius at cupertino!
Mizz_Thang1198: oh NOOOOOOOOOOOO
Mizz_Thang1198: oh well, it's good for withdrawal
Mizz_Thang1198: shhh that's my guilty secret. at college no one will ever find out about my dark past! haha

Do you sometimes add 'zz' to the middle of words? For instance, you'll say 'shizzit' instead of 'shit' or 'ozzoatmeal' instead of 'oatmeal'? (source: thespark)yes

argh!! i'm not polish!

since 10.22.01

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WeeZeyGurLey: perversion takes time

WeeZeyGurLey: hohohoho! hey ren yah gow!
WeeZeyGurLey: lights up the room!

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