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visiting school

pretty much everyone who hasn't gone back to the states yet went to visit school as alums.. to say hi to teachers, etc. i guess i had no reason to be there, haha. i just kinda tagged along. nothing better to do, u know.. err, i'm an alum of the elementary school!! :P so joanna and i went to go play in the playground a little, for old time's sake :)

in the lobby.. wow, cris and saya look really bored.

[L] at the dao xiao mien place.. mmmm, yummy! [R] cris aka birdy + libby aka mien bao chao ren + lily pea!

[L] saya: pulling dorothy's cheeks since the 2nd grade. [R] serena looking at pix.

everyone eating.. [tas.mpg]

pix taken 1.07.02
added 1.14.02