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Cashbox: Our Second Home

ktv in our pjs

we randomly decided to go singing on the nite of our girly sleepover. since we all had our pjs with us, we went singing wearing our pjs! we walked all the way from my house to cashbox.. i think lillian got more than a few stares on the way :D

yep, that's lil's foot alrite.

[L] saya, whippin out her j-pop skillz; cris lookin oh-so-excited to be here. [R] wut's up with the foot, lil??

doro + lil lookin like scrubs in those pjs.. soo sexy~

libby + christina chazillin in the bao-xiang.. (libby THINKS she's from wellesley, hehe)

look! libby's in the jordan chan's music video! (ok, so it's not really her, but don't they look alike??)
do me a favor: next time u go singing, order the song! (i think it's 64884 or something like that..)
*credit goes to cabush.. she was the first to discover this~

lib + do, providing entertainment during our interpretation of 'n sync's "bye bye bye"

[L] long-lost members of 'n sync. yeeeeeeeah boy bands!
[R] cute pic of serena.. i still can't believe u hid in the suitcase during hide-and-seek!!

saya + lily pea.. (lil's taking a break from biting and pinching ppl)

[L] birdy + mien bao superman. [R] lib pulling do's cheek.. are my cheeks really that stretchy??

movies taken 1.16.02
added 1.27.02