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New Year's Eve

2001 ~ 2002

happy 2002!! ok, so i guess it's not as big a deal as 2000 or 2001, but oh well, rite? just another excuse to party :D i must say, tho, this new yr's eve was pretty interesting. ppl actually planned it and stuff. wut did we do last yr? oh yeah.. TU -__-; improvement oh!!

[L] lily pea, dodo, and libster at the restaurant. [R] libby + her son

victor + libby, random ppl in the bkg.

serena, steph, lil, libby, dorothy

at kiss.. HAPPY NEW YR!! uh.. wut is terry + steph doing?? haha..

*the following pix are from serena's camera i think

[L] lil, steph, do, libs, ser. [R] do + steph (hmm, someone's unconscious in the bkg!)

everyone plus cabush

the infamous LILLIAN IS NAKED pic!!!!!!

pix taken 12.31.01, 1.01.02
added 3.05.02