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Nashoba Valley

madd skiing + extreme snowboarding

for 5 wednesdays now, we've been leaving wellesley at 5pm, taking snowboarding lessons, and then coming back at 11pm. alas, the bruising, numbness, and had to come to an end.. today was our final day :( so sad! good lord, it was so damn icy, too! i fell once on my snowboard and my tail bone just about cracked. so 3 of us went to switch our boards for skis (been itching to do that all term!!) haha.. and after that, it was PURE BLISS*

it's wednesday and u kno wut that means!! SNOWBOARDING!! woohoo~~

getting pumped for another nite of tumbling down the slopes.

[L] me + mo + nan-ma-neh (yean's new nick; derived from nan(male)magnet, cuz u know her radar's always on.
[R] d i a n a . m a k ! w u t . a r e . u . l o o k i n g . a t ? !

pre-game in the stalls.. yean is pumped. yean is ready to go out there and do snowboard flips and stuff.

chrystle + dorothy.. trying to be like the snowboarding hello kitty in the sticker pic

okie, that was fun.

[L] cuuu~ on the ghetto lift.. squeak, squeak [R] dorothy's stanky feet. yummy.

pix taken 3.06.02
added 3.06.02