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More Taiwan Pix

ronald mcdonald's bitches, jk!!

wow.. we have so much time on our hands, huh..

[L] trying on sunglasses at mitsukoshi. [R] after lunch at mickey-d's

[L] libby laughing at one of ronald's jokes.. gosh, he is so fine.
[R] dorothy makin' the moves on ronald.. i think he's been working out!

[L] cris: wow, it's so good to finally meet u, ronald!
[R] why so sad? it's not like we're forcing u to make a fool of urself in public, hehe..

[L] ronald's checking christina out.. aww, i think he digs her. [R] the cutest couple ever :D

pix taken 1.06.02
added 1.06.02