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Yet Another Eating Orgy

food + shopping at keelung temple

cris's dad drove us all to keelung - super nice, rite?? :D thx mr. big birdy!!

[L] whoa there, serena~ [R] everyone eating oh-a-zen.

aww, no more oh-a-zen. don't be sad mah..

hmm, wut is cris trying to show us? frogssss!!!! nasty frogs!! fatty frogs still alive and kicking!!! arghhhh!!!

[L] lil's forehead + streets in the bkg. [R] lib + lil trying to decide wut to eat. no, u cannot eat everything.

mmmmmmm.. sausages..

haha, notice how we're wearing our plastic flowers. ok, we're lame, but we don't care!
yeeeeeeah flower fluff femmes! gosh, some ppl never grow up.. :)

more food..

still more food..

the actual temple.. hmmm!

pix taken 1.16.02
added 1.18.02