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Adventures @ ShiMenDing

shopping + singing
*pix are from serena's camera, i think?

MAN, I'LL REMEMBER THIS DAY FOREVER!! haha.. it was ridiculously fun, just hanging out with the girls~ ok, so we started off the day meeting at noon in front of sogo (this was b4 we changed the default meeting time to 2pm cuz no one could get up that early!) -> mango -> lib's work place (so awkward, har har) -> rampant shopping @ shimending -> randomly decided to go singing at the cashbox there. hmm, never been to that one b4!

doropui + birdy + sayapapaya + lilypea + libster @ cashbox

[L] cris + saya, very proper. [R] nsync's IT'S GONNA BE ME! wow.. i dunno wut to say..

pic opportunity in front the pearl milk tea shop.. mmm, how i miss boba~

one last pic b4 we leave! oh gosh, check out the PHS ad in the bkg! man, i want a PHS just so i can pick my nose like that.. on second thought, nm.. that looks kinda dangerous.

pix taken 1.04.02
added 3.05.02