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Adventures of the PSYCHo NUNs

karaoke @ Do Re Mi

tgif.. let's go singing! at the one and only karaoke place in boston! (pathetic) on the ride into town, amy and i were discussing the possibilities of our opening a new ktv.. we've worked out the logistics, and even came up with a name: Do-Amy.. hahaha.. we plan on serving food in the karaoke boxes (like in tw), as well as boba. it should lure customers to our business, mwah ha.. all we need is some capital, a good location (near a t-stop perhaps).. and time. hmm, maybe we'll drop outta college.

let's get this party started. we've got all the ingredients for fun: a drum, tamborine, and disco ball (too bad it didn't spin; ours was messed up!) playlist: kokomo, rappers' delight, can't wait, jay chou, etc. ^o^ la la la~

[L] {55} aka ELVA + {66} aka YOO SEUNG JUN in the bathrm mirror
[R] {21} aka YUKI wants to buy the entire rack of twinkies, cupcakes, ho-ho's, ding-dongs

pix taken 2.22.02
added 2.26.02