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Class of 2001..
actually doing something together as a class

senior ditch day!!

yeah seniors~!~!!

look wut we did to the faculty room and the science building! little dixie cups half full with water.
dude, that took some major effort.

u can't tell from the ugly pix, but the chairs spelled out "2001" and a soccer goal is blocking the entrance to the auditorium. btw, the dates are in tw time (my bad) i forget to switch it to cali time :P

ah, the sun's out. angeline + leah lookin tired.. dorothy + tina ready to seize the day!

look wut the lack of sleep does to u.. leaving mcdonald's in SB.. tina's about to go beat some poor kid up.

dillusional dorothy trying on used clothing.. thy+ti+ine trying on some stylish hats.

[ditch.mpg] a movie!

pix taken 4.16.01
added 11.07.01