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2pm: Meet Libby @ Sogo

hanging out with mien bao superman (libby)

these are pix from my date with libby, haha.. jk. actually, today we did a lot of things that couple would usually do.. (like grocery shopping, dessert, etc) hmm~

[L] can u see the DODO? [R] lib trying some soup at wellcome.

libby in the fruits section..

hmm.. libby + her banana fetish~

dorothy facing her worst fears: lobster + crabs..

whatever cris, i DO NOT look like that F4 guy!!

DODO + LIB at dan ryans.. eating buffalo wings + brownie/ice cream.

a moose + cabush

cris aka birdy + lillian, cuz she can't open her mouth very wide, haha..

pix taken 1.18.02
added 1.18.02