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Clubbing in Boston

crush at europa

hmm.. boston clubbing.. is slightly disappointing, but oh well. the psycho nuns have seen much worse.. like that black lite event at that frat where ppl were trotting (shudder) and that other party.. oh, and that other one, too.. ::sigh:: oh, and on a totally unrelated note. i cannot believe there is only ONE karaoke place in boston!! how wrong is that??!!! yan suggested i open one in boston and make tons of cash. ^__^

amy [L] and chrystle [R] in stone-d, getting ready to go out. too bad amy's psycho roomie wasn't there to entertain us with her "do, a deer, a female deer." i'm serious, tho.. it's good to have an entertaining roomie!

[L] PSYCHo NUNs 66 + 21 (and her "single"-sleeved shirt) + 55. [R] mo, ccu, amy at the harvard T stop..

[L] yes, we are still at the T stop waiting. why, it's a perfect opportunity to take pix.. [R] near kendall..

[L] empty "grenade" bottle in a pink puddle was making us nervous. [R] after clubbing.. time to head back!

pix taken 2.08.02
added 2.11.02