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Adventures of the PSYCHo NUNs

operation: chinatown

after meeting up at harvard, we began our mission: to find dvds/vcds of our songs for the upcoming karaoke competition.

[L] ..but first things first. let's eat some FOOD!! chrystle would like to order combo#2~16. thx.
[R] yeeeeeah, asian stationery! my god, we must've spent like 1 1/2 hrs in that friggin store..

[L] amy finding her last name in the chinese translation of dunkin donuts. OH MY [chinatown.mpg]
[R] aw, time to go back to wellesley. do + (yet unnamed) $10 polar bear from tjmaxx. any ideas?

practicing for the upcoming karaoke contest. can't wait by yuki + yoo seung jun
[cantwait08.mpg + cantwait09.mpg]

[L] cuu~ and amy. [R] "i will survive" [cantwait14.mpg]

pix taken 2.23.02
added 3.04.02