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-|[ chenski's asylum v.2 ]|-

theonion - america's finest news source

dragid - cute aim icons, if u're into that

wang leehom - a site i made awhile ago, when i was super-obsessed with wang leehom. (ok, i'll admit it. i still am! ha!) anyways, he is the greatest~

525,000 baby names - scroll to very bottom - if u're like me and want to figure out wut to name ur kids, check out this website that analyzes baby names. so far, my favorite names are sienna, luke, claire, and elliot. somehow i don't see myself churning out 4 kids, though.. hmm. oh yeah, i also like the name carlos, but can u picture a little asian boy named carlos? ..cuz i sure can't.

just a tip - send anonymous compliments/complaints to ppl u hate/luv. u can send emails about anything from an undectectable toupee to bad perfomance in bed to ear hair:

lifetime: astrology central - do u check ur horoscope 10 times a day like i do? here's a site for u.

quotes 'R' us - totally random quotations submitted by totally random ppl.

80s nostalgia - perfect site for a child of the 80s.. or the 70s, for that matter, cuz then u'd be old enough to actually remember the 80s.

worst of the web - buzz, melvin, and chip gives short reviews of the worst sites on the internet. (new sites every weekday)

DreEea's World - here is a lovely site of andrea ou's. she enjoys cleaning her apartment and playing with her webcam. she currently resides in manhattan, and is a total nutcase.

eric conveys an emotion - shooie shoo shoo told me about this super-random site.

updated 12.09.01