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-|[ chenski's asylum v.2 ]|-

meet peanut

Hi, my name is Peanut.

yo wut up? i'm do's blue elephant. the crackheads at the beanie babies company named me "peanut." i hate that name. do not. ever. call me by that lameass name. my homies here know me as "P.Fuzzy" anywayz, i'll ttyl. i'm out.

meet arnold

Hi, my name is Arnold.

hey, how zeet going? ah'm a pothos, aka deveel's ahvy. ah'm nateeve to de tropeeks. mah favoreet pastime eez sun-bathing. mah stems are vine-like, but u may cut off mah newest leaf eef u vant me to be buushier. (luckily, dorothy doesn't baleev in zat bull, phew!)

ah waz born and raised in zah vellesley greenhouse, specifically fo zah purpees of becoming a gift to 1st yrs. on zat fateful day in september, she picked me out of hundreds of other potted plants. from zat day on, ah've been living on her vindowsill.

p.s. ah am called arnold cuz my owner vants me to grow beeg and strong like ahhh-nold schwarzeneggarooniana.

other aliases: 1) lots-of-leave bubba, 2) mr. tree! mr. tree! and 3) little damn shrub. ::thanks jackie! (my freshmen yr roommate in high school)::

pets i wish i had

a horse, so i can ride it to school.

an octopus, so i can ride it to school.

updated 12.09.01

a sea urchin, so i can throw it at ppl and spike them.

and finally, a sea eel, so i can ride it to school.