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Campus Shots

Around Wellesley College

how strange. the one day i decide to take some pix of our beautiful campus, the weather suddenly becomes crappy. just my luck!

leaving dower..

my attempt at a panoramic shot..
that's the bell tower of green hall on the left.. and the science center on the right.

doesn't our science center look like a factory?? ..that's the chapel on the right.

um, yes, these are branches indeed!

walking towards schneider.. oooh, pretty leaves..

still walking towards schneider.. and 2 fuck trucks on the right.
ok, i lied. technically, they're exchange buses and not senate buses.

bell tower.. tennis courts.. hehe, the last pic was outside schneider. we have soooo many friggin squirrels here!

near the clapp library, looking towards severence green.. the one on the left is the chapel again.

founders and green hall, with the bell tower looming in the bkg.

more of founders and green hall.

maybe next time i'll actually go inside the academic quad and take some pix there.
considering how lazy i am, tho, i bet it'll be snowing by then!

pix taken 11.20.01
added 11.29.01