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UC Berkeley

visiting lilypea + tinalicious

after arriving in cupertino, i decided to take the BART from fremont up to berkeley to see lil and tina. i hadn't seen them in so long!! (well, actually i just saw lil like 5 days ago, haa). i remember visiting the two of them back in september on their move-in day.. gosh, these kiddos have grown up so much! nah.. they're still the same biatches as b4, hee hee.. luv u guys~

outside the post office.. lil was mailing steph's bday present.. gosh, so nice~

[R] the bitchy lady there kicked us out cuz no drinks were allowed inside.
i think it's cuz we were drinking boba and asian.. racial discrimination!! haha..
[L] the ugly, stumpy berkeley trees, hehe..

tina eating some california rolls outside the gbc..

[L] tina looking hot as usual. [R] ..and even hotter here.

[L] some boy choir group (i forgot the name, but they win awards or something)
[R] a closeup of the guy tina thinks is cute.. mwah haha

[L] tina took me on a tour of her campus, except she didn't know like half the buildings.
it's ok, tho, cuz i came to see my T anyways, not some stupid buildings.
[R] thi + ti in tina's room.. 5th floor ehrman!! (there, i said it for ya, teener~)

pix taken 1.24.02
added 1.29.02