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Yummy in my Tummy

eating orgy @ the japanese buffet

we FINALLY went to the japanese buffet (next to warner). this restaurant was highly recommended by ms. birdy, and it was well worth the 400-something NT. they had everything u could think of: sushi, hand rolls, tempura, udon, shark's fin, etc etc.. i think u get the point :D everything was so fresh, too.. they had live fish + crab (still kicking oh!) and fresh veggies (u can hand-pick em urself).. oh, and don't forget the yummy champagne - the perfect ending to our eating orgy.

lil and cris watching the crab trying to escape..

[L] mmm.. fooooood.
[R] like dead soldiers laying in a battlefield far from home, these octopus carcasses lay flaccid on the platter. little did they know that it was a lost cause from the start. all their relentless fighting was for nothing. their mutilated bodies, lifeless limbs, and fresh wounds offer a glimpse into their agony and sufferings just prior to their inevitable death.

hmm! wut do we have here..? ah~~~m into cris's mouth u go!

b4 + after shots! (i'm just playing lah) we didn't actually have the heart to pick out live fish..

[L] hao kuh-lien de pregnant fishy.. [R] a sculpture outside mitsukoshi.. like libby's toe!

pix taken 1.15.02
added 1.18.02