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Life in Dower House

around the dorm

food, fun, friends, and more food.

grace, jenny, and binna eating korean food in the kitchen on halloween
binna at ready position with her chopsticks (( korea, ah, ah ))

[L] mmm.. are u gonna eat the cell phone, too? [R] bailey and loveleen (roomie)

ppl mingling in the living room b4 the small halls' community dinner at mcafee.

[L] a roomie pic - finally! [R] jj licking the snowman ice sculpture (don't ask)

it's snowing!! ok, is it THAT obvious that i'm from cali? hehe..

..outside the dower lot that we can't park in :P

pix taken 10.31, 11.12, 12.05, 12.09.01
added 3.03.02